What Reiki Means to Me

To me Reiki is the most loving, kind, caring, and intelligent healing energy. It heals at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the whole person. I have so much respect, gratitude and love for this healing energy that wants nothing less than to see us free from discomfort, free of stress, and moving forward in our lives with joy! And the only thing required on behalf of the recipient is having an open heart to healing.

Usui Reiki, in Japanese, means universal life energy. It is an ancient healing art. It is the most gentle and loving energy, yet profoundly powerful!! As a Usui Reiki practitioner you have a renewing effect on living energy systems by balancing, harmonizing and cleansing through this healing technique. With just the practitioner’s intention, the energy starts flowing and it knows exactly where to go. It is that simple!

Usui Reiki may be experienced in two ways: one-on-one or long distance. In a one-on-one session, the practitioner uses touch healing or holds their hands a few inches above the body, moving along the body as the energy directs. The client will experience many sensations such as: tingling, warmth, chills, calm, or relaxation. When the energy is moving it is a wonderful verification that it is being welcomed!

Long distance or remote healing is just as effective as touch healing. Again with the practitioner’s intention it is directed toward the person requesting the healing. After several years of doing remote healing, for me the energy developed into a gift of “knowing and seeing” what was going on with clients. Instead of me just feeling the energy moving the client was making me aware and showing me what was going on in their life, and how they were feeling. One time a woman who was very concerned about her father who lived several states away contacted me. She said he didn’t seem like himself and she wanted to know what was going on with him. I started with the remote healing and soon he “appeared” to me and conveyed a picture of himself sitting on a very comfortable chair. Soon a horse stood in front of him, turned around and sat down on his lap, just like a dog. The man peered around the horse and said, “This is what my pressure feels like.” It was a great visual to understand how he was feeling!

Lots of times a validation or understanding how a person feels gives them a sense of calm and peace. It is healing the whole person, not just the physical symptoms. Over the past 15 years of practicing Reiki on people, animals, water, plants, the earth, on any energy system that would receive it, I have filled many notebooks of just simply miracles! To think that Reiki was universal during the beginning cultures on earth, everyone was taught Reiki. I think of it as a roaming gentle giant in our universe just waiting to be invited to heal and in a heartbeat it is there, relieving discomfort and releasing emotional trauma from our present and past lives. It touches our hearts, manifesting peace and healing; all positive changes for our highest good.

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