Celebration of Water

Did you know water has memory? It has the ability to store and share information, both healthy and unhealthy.  Even after it has been purified, water still contains electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances. By raising the vibrational frequency of water, unhealthy bacteria is no longer drawn to it. According to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” the vibrational combination of love and gratitude given to water changes its molecular structure to one of healthy living water.  There is a yin/yang relationship with water.  Just as there are two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, to have a  balance, there needs to be two parts gratitude to one part love.

¾ of the earth is covered by water and our bodies are made up of ¾ water.  We have a relationship with this wonderful substance.  And of all the water on this earth only 2-3% is fresh water or drinkable!

What we hear in the news daily about water is usually negative; flooding, drought or pollution.  Just think about your own experience with water; river, lakes the sea, ocean any body of water can have such a soothing effect on our bodies.  It can put us in a relaxed state.  And look at the beautiful creatures it conceals!

So if you happen to be drinking water as you are reading this, by giving the intention of gratitude and love to that glass or bottle of water you are raising its vibration and that wonderful substance is going into your body to heal. Remember your intentions are so powerful and water is universal. That water in front of you is linked to all the water in the world, so when you take that drink it will be physically different than when you drink the same water with troubled feelings.

After reading “The Hidden Messages in Water,” I had this dream and this was given to me:

The Spirit of Water
Made a visit one night
Bearing fruits and vegetables
She was a beautiful sight.

Standing on river rocks
In a dried river bed.
A maiden came towards me
She is shaking her head.

She stops and whispers,
“The time is not right.”
And evaporates in thin air
Under the moon’s silver light.

The message was clear
The water is still retreating
But she gave me hope
When we have done our healing.

Water is universal
Its power is healing
With gratitude and love
That’s what she’s revealing.

With love in our hearts
And gratitude to convey
The water will be healed
It’s our mission each day.


(Text of Susan Thomas’ speech from class she co-taught on the Celebration of Water)

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