What is QHHT?

When I first started reading Dolores Cannon’s books on past life regression, I thought they were fascinating and felt like Alice in Wonderland where they were getting curiouser and curiouser. Then my mind started to wonder who I was in the past. It never occurred to me that I could have possibly been anything other than a person. But Dolores kept saying there are no limits, except the limits of your imagination. You could have been anything. It wasn’t until I had been put under that I learned I lived a lifetime as a rock and in the future I will be an architect that designs beautiful walkways. Again, this was fascinating! But when she started to ask the client’s subconscious to come forward to heal her/himself that was when I was hooked. I always believed we had the power within us to do this and here was the validation, here was the how-to!

What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon, where we as practitioners induce an individual into a state of trance thru visualizations. We experience this somnambulistic state twice a day, the moment before you consciously wake up and the moment before you drift off to sleep. Once a person is in this trance, the client is directed by their subconscious to go back to past lives or visit future lives that are appropriate lessons for this life. Then we, as facilitator, bring the subconscious forward for healing.

It has been my experience that a person’s subconscious has waited a lifetime to communicate with them. When a client is able to tap into the divine source and receive directions for their spiritual growth and healing for their bodies, then they are truly tapping into their innate right, that is what QHHT offers.

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