Who Am I?

Have you ever thought of who you are?  And not in the physical sense, although that is certainly part of it.  This was a great question asked of Ron Head; a very gifted channeler.  The person asking gave me permission to share part of the answer.

“First you are created by source, out of source’s being and you reflect source.  So you are I AM, just as all created beings are.  You are multi-dimensional, so, although you think of yourself as existing within a body, that is an illusion.  You do exist in a body and you also exist in the energy field that is ALL THAT IS.  There is no time, as humans have imagined it, so you exist everywhere and forever.  What we have said means also that you are all of the embodied beings that you think of as past selves, and also all of the embodied beings that you think of as future selves.  You are also all of the energy beings that move about as in non-physical states.

Quite Impressive, are we not?  We ask you to accept the answer as given and create who you are in as great a life as you can imagine.

For the remainder of January, Ron Head will answer one question for $20.16.  His email address is: rhead4541@gmail.com.

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