Where is home?

A friend said I would always be looking for it. And I wondered what town or state it would be in.  But then I found out I was too literal.  Home is where you have to go when…you need the solitude to get recharged, where you are not disturbed, distracted, or dishonored.  It might be as simple as taking a bath, a walk in the woods, baking a pie,or sitting alongside a stream.  It is a place the soul needs to be recharged, to listen to what it is telling you.  A place to listen to your body and what it has to teach you, or a question you need answered.  It’s where the wild women needs to reconnect.  It’s also a place you need to return from, back to the clatter and chatter. Re-entry to everyday life.  When you need to go you must at that time.  Whatever you are doing will wait patiently until your return.

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