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Image of Susan ThomasSusan Thomas is a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing and a dedicated practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). She has been practicing Reiki for 17 years and QHHT for 5 years. Susan continues to expand her awareness and knowledge of the healing arts by taking classes that resonate with her life’s purpose:

  • Spiritual Response Therapy: releasing negative energies
  • The Art of Universal Knowing: connecting you to the other side
  • Emotional Freedom Technique: meridian tapping

And, she has also co-taught a class on: “Water Celebrations” demonstrating how to raise the vibrational frequency of this amazing liquid.

As a gifted intuitive, she is able to connect to a person’s High Self, thus enabling her to gain clarity and insight on behalf of her clients. Her intent is to open hearts to healing by going beyond the physical realm. By connecting to a client’s subconscious mind, beautiful and loving messages come through that enable her to help guide them along the path of mental, physical, and spiritual growth. She has also developed special gifts that help families and friends with loved ones and pets that are transitioning to a spiritual realm. Being able to “see” what is going on from the other side, Susan brings comfort and peace to those remaining on this physical plane.

“You can stand and slowly turn around and everywhere you look there is beauty, there is magic, there are miracles!” It is her goal as a healer to empower and improve the lives of her clients by helping them to open their heart to imagination, which is the beginning of all healing.




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