1. Why should I have a session/What are the benefits?

A session can help you explore your past lives and gain a better understanding of each lifetime, the lessons you’ve learned and the people you’ve met along your journey.

The benefits from a session may include:

  • Learn more about lessons you’ve learned during a particular lifetime
  • Explore what your purpose is in this lifetime
  • Develop an understanding of life issues
  • Work on healing physical ailments
  • Hear your own subconscious speak through you

2. How do I prepare for a session?

  • Prior to the session, please prepare a list of questions you would like answered. This list will aid us both in channeling the necessary energies during the session.
  • On the day of your session clear your mind, and if you meditate do so in the morning.
  • Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake the night before and the day of your session. Eat well but light.

Your intention to have a powerful session!

3. How long will a session last?

A session can last anywhere from four (4) to seven (7) hours.

4. How will the session make me feel?

After a session you will feel energized and refreshed from healing that has touched mind, body and spirit. Many people begin a physical detox that is quite safe. They may also start an emotional processing or releasing.  Most people feel wonderful after a session and continue to feel better and better.

5. How much will a session cost?

QHHT: The first session is $400 and each session thereafter is $200.

Reiki: Please contact me for pricing as the price depends on your specific needs.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with a credit or debit card, cash, or check (local checks only).

7.  Where can I stay if I’m traveling to Des Moines, IA, for a session?

You can go directly to the hotel website by clicking on the hotel name

8. Do you have further questions or would you like to schedule a session?

Please contact me:
Phone: 515-419-7399
Email: susankthomas2@gmail.com







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